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APU Inc.

Customized Data Mining & Overpayment Recovery

Are Your Claims Paid Perfectly?

Chances are, your answer is “no.” And it’s no wonder.

So many factors affect the insurance claims universe, from eligibility and enrollment data to policy holders and providers.  Unless these data sources line up perfectly, payment errors will occur.

APU is the answer to these “data disconnects.”  With our our turnkey operation, we combine customized analytics with a friendly recoupment process to synchronize your data and claims operations. Just last year, we restored millions to our clients, and we continue to grow.

The secret to our success?  Risk-free solutions. There are no start-up costs for our customers. We’re so confident about our capabilities that we work on a contingency basis. Just think of it as free money.

Don’t you think it’s time you said “YES” to APU?