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APU Inc.

Customized Data Mining & Overpayment Recovery

Why Choose APU?

APU is the premier outsource provider of data mining and overpayment recovery for the insurance industry. Our proven expertise sets us apart from other suppliers in significant ways:

No start-up costs. We’re so confident of our ability to recover overpayments that we absorb all initial expenses, including time, travel, and troubleshooting.

Consulting costs. Many of our competitors’ fee structures force you to pay up front for services -.- even if they don’t produce recoveries.

Contingent-based results. We don’t get paid until you do. Period.

Request a quote? Not us. You’ll see this line on our competitors’ websites, but not on ours. After all, you know the old adage: “If you have to ask…”

Perfect fit. APU’s data analytics are constructed from the ground up on a client-by-client basis. In other words, our solutions are tailored to your data. This customized process produces the most accurate results possible, and that ensures the greatest return.

Square peg, round hole. Many overpayment recovery companies use software that forces you to migrate your data into their system, costing you valuable manpower and reducing your data pool.

Go with the expert in data mining and claims recovery. Choose APU.