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    About APU, Inc.

    Solutions to a multi-billion dollar problem.

    The Defining Moment

    APU was born out of necessity. As a senior leader of a claims paying operation, our CEO noticed a pattern when his staff would bring him checks paid to the company as reimbursement for over-payments. These occurrences prompted him to begin a study of transactional error in the insurance claims market place, eventually leading to the creation of the programs that formed the genesis of our business.

    APU is the only resource offering transactional error audit and recovery services in the medicare supplement, dental and long term care insurance industries.

    We fit ourselves into your world rather than the other way around

    APU builds its operation around, and in alignment, with you. We are intensely customer-centric, seeking collaboration and synergy rather than just a service.

    We can provide a service that is sorely needed yet frequently ignored. Most of our clients recognize the problem of transactional error but don't have - or cannot find - a viable solution.

    We're ready to prove our services on a no-cost, gain-share basis, allowing you to generate new, previously unrealized revenue. Working with APU frees up valuable resources you can redeploy in more productive areas of your operation.

    Stop Throwing Your Money Away

    Not only will APU help you improve your systems and processes, we can help you gain a competitive edge in the ever-changing insurance industry.

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    Meet the Executive Team

    Jim Del Vecchio


    Damon Herbert

    Chief Executive Officer

    Meet the Directors

    Diana Suarez

    Director of Finance and Accounting

    David Profitt

    Director of Operations

    Daniel Reagan

    Director of Programming and Development