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    APU, Inc. Markets

    Targeting widespread transaction errors in the insurance industry.

    • Medicare Supplement
    • Dental
    • Long Term Care
    • Major Medical

    Medicare Supplement

    Medicare Supplement
    Long Term Care
    Major Medical

    Medicare Supplement Service

    For fiscal year 2018, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) calculated the improper payment rate as 8.12%, representing $31.62 billion in improper payments. Med Supp insurance providers, just like any other carrier with their own internal transactional errors, are further confounded by the mistakes made by Medicare.

    This is where APU comes in

    APU will address the inevitable errors associated the Medicare/Med Supplement operation by building a variety of data-mining analytics programs that target the unique transaction error issues confronting Medicare and Medicare Supplement payers all the way from the federal administrative level down to the individual payer level. All with no up-front costs to you.

    Dental Services

    According to the National Association of Dental Plans (NAPD), roughly 165 million Americans carry private dental insurance, 90% of which receive their benefits through employers or group programs. Given the trend that people with coverage are more likely to go to the dentist, this means millions of dental claims every year.

    We Target Sources of Error

    To identify and recapture transaction error on behalf of its clients, APU builds a variety of data-mining analytics that target those sources of error that are more common to the world of dental insurance claims and recaptures the associated financial loss.

    Long Term Care

    Around 50 million Americans are over the age of 65, and that number is projected to climb. Long term care insurance kicks in when Medicare won't cover things such as home health care, assisted living, hospice facilities, caregivers, housekeepers, and therapists. Transaction error is not only inevitable, but widespread.

    Medical Expenses Are Bombarding Seniors

    That's where APU comes in. Our mission is to identify and recapture money lost to transaction error in the Long Term Care Market space. To do so, APU builds a variety of data-mining analytics programs that target the vast array of transaction error issues confronting LTC payers. Our auditors ensure proper identification of over-payments.

    Major Medical

    A recent study by Medical Billing Advocates of America estimated that up to 80% of all medical bills contain errors. Anyone who’s been handed a stack of insurance plan brochures and asked to choose the best one can tell you one thing at a glance—major medical coverage is incredibly complex. It's no wonder the whole system is prone to errors.

    We Meet Your Data & IT Needs

    APU will come in and recapture money lost to a medical claims insurer by building a variety of data-mining analytics programs that target the transaction error issues unique to the world of major medical claims. Our programs are refined on a client-by-client basis to meet your data and IT needs. And always on a no-cost basis.

    Overpayment Identification

    Overpayment Identification

    Transaction errors are inevitable. APU’s data mining systems help you reduce and recoup lost dollars, providing you with customized analytics to address your company’s unique procedures.

    APU offers all of this risk-free.
    We don’t get paid unless you do.

    Overpayment Identification

    Overpayment Recovery

    Whether your staff identifies the overpayments or you hire us to do it, our recovery process works. Using a non-adversarial approach, we're committed to resolving claims accurately, fairly, and without legal action of any kind. APU typically recoups nearly 80% of recoverable overpayments.

    Overpayment Identification

    Total Outsource

    APU offers an extensive suite of process and performance analytics to complement our auditing and recovery service or on a stand-alone basis. Working within your data universe, we analyze your operations to identify strengths and weaknesses that help you make mission-critical decisions. We turn data into information.

    APU Recovered Millions of Dollars

    Avoiding Overpayment Losses Is
    Easier Than You Think