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APU Inc.

Customized Data Mining & Overpayment Recovery

The APU Story

Asset Protection Unit, Inc. was founded by Jim Del Vecchio, a former attorney who has been involved with insurance claims at every level: From adjusting and litigation to negotiation and adjudication. Throughout his career, Jim has been concerned by the losses that insurance companies experience as a result of increasing legislation, claims leakage, and information overload.

Although the lost revenue is typically a small amount percentage-wise, the total number of dollars can be significant. In fact, since our founding in 2002, APU has identified tens of millions of dollars in overpayments for our clients.

How do we do it? 

The APU team works with you to:
  • Brainstorm. We meet with key subject matter experts: Audit, claims and IT.
  • Identify. We analyze data for disconnects, processing oversights and other opportunities for error.
  • Synthesize. We develop programs and analytics that search for all possible overpayments.

Finally, we turn those overpayments into revenue through a proven and professional outreach campaign. Every identified payee is contacted by our experienced recovery specialists, who are adept at explaining overpayments and eliciting reimbursement.

In effect, APU is an extension of your staff, performing critical data analysis, cultivating customer confidence and goodwill, and boosting your bottom line. And the entire process is virtually risk-free: If you don’t get paid, we don’t get paid.