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APU Inc.

Customized Data Mining & Overpayment Recovery


Asset Protection Unit is dedicated to preserving the confidentiality of all personal health information (PHI). This commitment is demonstrated by our secure premises as well as our stringent technical protocols. It’s also mandated by our personnel policies: All staff members receive HIPAA compliance training upon employment and every six months thereafter.

In addition, APU takes affirmative steps to maintain your privacy. We do not use “cookies” to capture any confidential information on our website nor do we share emails or other personal data with advertisers.

Integrity and propriety are the foundation of our business.

Protected Premises

APU takes security seriously.

Our operations are monitored by 24-hour surveillance cameras and both entrances are pass-code protected.  Motion detectors provide additional defense as do our neighbors:  We share our building with a military personnel command station, an organization that also values security and is equipped to enforce it.

Although most of the data we work with is electronic, we occasionally receive paper files, which are stored in a key-padded secure room when not in use. All hard data is destroyed by a licensed and bonded document management firm that is certified HIPAA compliant.

Secure Electronic Data

APU has taken extensive precautions to safeguard client information and PHI. Our network of servers and PCs is encrypted and the entire environment is firewalled.  Our exchange server is equipped with secure email to protect all outgoing and incoming correspondence. Additionally, we use a 128-bit padlock with a 10-byte password to preserve the transfer of client data. 

All workstations are protected by 15-byte randomly generated passwords that change every 90 days. In addition, every PC is installed with monitoring software that shields against viruses and prevents access to potentially harmful sites. Management has exclusive rights to the use of USB ports; the ports on employee computers are disabled to prevent removal/corruption of sensitive data.

Network data is stored on a redundant array of independent discs, backed up multiple times, and maintained in a water- and fire-proof environment.  All information is stored off-site for additional protection. Our recovery plan ensures immediate access to client data in the event of a natural disaster or emergency and allows us to continue business operations with minimal interruption.

When it comes to confidentiality, APU goes above and beyond industry obligation — and expectation. You can trust us.