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    APU, Inc. Solutions

    Relationship-driven approach to recapturing overpaid money.

    • Overpayment Identification
    • Overpayment Recovery
    • Total Outsourcing

    Overpayment Identification

    Overpayment Identification
    Overpayment Recovery
    Total Outsourcing
    Overpayment Identification

    Overpayment Identification

    Our approach is to build an analytical model that consolidates all relevant post-payment data in a comprehensive way and query the model about possible payment errors. Your only obligation is to supply the data, both historical and ongoing, on a monthly basis.

    We Find Payment Errors

    We won't charge you for the initial analysis, and we'll do all of the development, testing, and verification auditing at our expense — all built around your current operations environment, without modifying or compromising any of your data. Our goal is to meet your data and IT needs and accommodate for any limitations.

    Overpayment Recovery

    Overpayment Recovery

    We validate—to the penny—every client-identified overpayment we are assigned to handle. Our approach is multimedia, based on a combination of phone, fax, and mail, describing the error with complete and accurate detail.

    We Aren't a Collection Agency

    We are not a collection agency, nor do we conduct ourselves as one. Rather, we use a non-adversarial approach to recovering overpayments, conveying accurate information and engaging with payees to achieve a resolution. Our goal is to preserve policyholder and payee goodwill. Our relationship-driven approach to recapturing overpaid money aids us in achieving an 80 percent average recovery rate.

    Total Outsource

    Total Outsourcing

    While we operate in various lines of business, our standalone services can be bundled into what we call the Total Outsource Solution. The primary goal of the total outsource solution is to provide a platform that covers all aspects of the post-payment clean-up process, from error identification to real time updating of our clients' accounting and claims systems.

    APU Handles it All

    Throughout the entire process, we generate executive-level reports, up to date with the most recent overpayment, production, and recovered amounts, broken down in a way that is logical, detailed, and accurate to the last cent. This helps you to better understand the flaws in your claims process, where improvements can be made, and quantifies the revenue you can expect to fold back into your operations over the coming years.

    APU Recovered Millions of Dollars

    Avoiding Overpayment Losses Is
    Easier Than You Think