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APU Inc.

Customized Data Mining & Overpayment Recovery

Case Studies

“Found Money”

We at APU believe that, when it comes to comes to recovering overpayments, every dollar counts.

A recent APU audit identified a “paid past benefit maximum” error for one of our long term care clients. Our recovery specialist contacted the individual payee and explained the situation. Together, they developed an amenable payment plan. Seven months later, the amount — $80,000 — had been remitted in full.

Our payee-centered recovery process is non-adversarial and effective. Our goal is to recoup your money while maintaining your reputation.

“Going Above and Beyond”

APU’s recovery team is not your average call center. Our customer service specialists are seasoned professionals who take the time to listen to your customers. And then they take the initiative.

The results are impressive: A recent call resulted in the recovery of an identified overpayment as well as the resolution of five other claims issues for a client.

APU acts as an extension of your staff, saving you money — and man-hours.

“Never Say Never”

Have you ever had an overpayment that seemed hopelessly lost? Such was the case for a large client who had overpaid a death benefit through duplicate claims. They were certain they would never see the money again.

APU’s sensitive and professional recovery team is adept at negotiating resolutions — even in emotionally-charged situations, including death, divorce and termination. In this particular scenario, our customer service specialist worked with the widow to understand and correct the error. Together we crafted a resolution that was reasonable for her and satisfactory to the client.

Mission accomplished!